About Us


Kiwi Inks - Handcrafted Fountain Pen Ink

Here at Kiwi Inks, pride ourselves with our unique line of fountain pen inks. Every bottle is made by hand. From mixing the ink, to painting each label and stamping the box with the same ink inside the bottle. Because of that, we are able to offer customization and quality like no other. You can ask for varying wetness, amount of shimmer, or sheen to fit the needs of your specific pen.

Our small team consists of me, my partner, and our cat. Kiwi Inks is our passion project while we get through college but we are working hard to improve the quality of our offerings! We experiment with new formulas and exciting colors every day, which means that new colors will come and go every month or two. Follow us on Instagram @kiwi_inks to keep up with new releases.